Do you arrive before check-in time? We got your back...

We know that sometimes the hotel check-in time does not match your arrival time, but we can tell you about what you can do if you arrive earlier, so you can enjoy your time in Bogotá as much as possible.

  1. We have bicycles for you !! You can leave your luggage in the Lobby and ask for our bicycles, with these you can get to know places nearby the Hotel to enjoy the morning. For example, you can go around Parque El Virrey, which is a large ecological park that runs from La Septima to the north highway. If you like to exercise, in the park you will find outdoor training equipment. If really exercising is not your thing, you can sit back, relax and simply enjoy the view.
  2. 2. The bicycle is not your thing? Well, there is a very cool way in which you can explore the surroundings… with scooters!! We are a Grin Station so you can move around without any problem, unlock it at a cost of $1.500 Colombian Pesos and you are charged $300 per minute; it is a very good option to go nearby and of course, to avoid traffic.
  3. 3. You can go shopping! Only 15 minutes away from the Hotel, you will find the Centro Comercial Andino, which is located in the famous “Zona Rosa” of Bogotá, there you can find the best brands to buy clothes, jewelry, shoes, and souvenirs.
  4. 4. Get to know Parque de la 93, there you can find different options to entertain you, it is surrounded by restaurants, bars and it has some beautiful outdoor spaces for you to relax.
  5. We understand that you can be tired after a long flight, so if you do not want to leave the Hotel or go too far away, you can enjoy food and drink options in our restaurant CUATRO- COCINA CASUAL, whether it is freshly baked bread, a coffee or even lunch.

Don’t forget that there will always be an option for you to enjoy your stay from the first minute… we got your back.

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