4 places you can't miss in Bogotá

Whether it’s the first time you come to the capital or come back for a second or third time, there are places that if or if they have to be on your list of places to visit, we give you a top 4 of our favorite places.

1. Cerro Monserrate

The heart of the city has the most spectacular view of Bogotá. If you like to play sports, you can climb to the top walking along the pedestrian path. If exercise is really not your thing, do not worry! You can use the cable car or the funicular, anyway you will enjoy as soon as you reach the top and you can see the city like never before.

2. La Candelaria

If you want to know the city you must visit these blocks that make up the town of La Candelaria, better known as the Historic Center of Bogotá. When walking through its streets you will see the wealth of culture that we have here, you will find colonial houses, churches, museums and how to let the well-known Plaza de Bolívar pass. You know, plan an afternoon, wear comfortable clothes and get ready to walk these streets like a local.

3. Museo del Oro

If you have already reached the Candelaria, you cannot stop entering the Gold Museum, there you can learn even more about Colombian history. In this museum you will see the largest goldsmith’s exhibition in the world !! These pieces belonged to indigenous culture in pre-Columbian times. But, so we can tell you more if you can see it yourself and get excited with this exhibition that represents the wonder of Colombia.

4. Usaquén

Now we are going a little north of the city, Usaquén. If you are looking to bring memorable memories of Bogotá, this is the place for you, on Sunday you can buy in the “flea market” everything that is crafts, antiques, jewelry, paintings, accessories, sculptures and even clothes. In addition, around you will find the best restaurants, bakeries, pubs and many more places that will show you the local delicacies. Do not miss it!!!

These places are only a small part of what you can explore in Bogotá, the wonders of our city are so many and you can experience them when you come.

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