• Accessories
  • Video beam
  • Computer
  • Plasma screen
  • TV with camera
  • Wireless microphone
  • Air-conditioning


  • Wifi
  • Flipchart
  • Sound speakers
  • Board
  • Markers and eraser

Halls for your events


It is a space designed to carry out your meetings and talks, it has excellent lighting and a plasma screen ideal for your presentations.


Do you need to hold an extraordinary meeting with technology? This is the ideal space for your meetings, closing the month, training, interviews and presentations.


Surrounded by nature and natural lighting, this space is ideal for your business dinners, celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, campaign closings, product launches and dynamic workshops.


Wide, comfortable, efficient space to carry out your business activities, it has an elegant additional room so that your guests are comfortable.

Style Dynamic

¿Estás planeando hacer una capacitación o reunión con todo tu equipo de trabajo? En la transformación de este espacio Style – Dynamic, encontrarás la solución en capacidad y comodidad para hacerlo.

1 2 3 4 4
Accommodation Mesa Redonda En U Auditorio Aula Imperial
Dynamic 10 8 10 6 6
Style 15 10 15 12 12
Style Dynamic 40 30 40 30 30
ECO 60 40 60 50 40
Gallery 70 40 60 50 40

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